How It All Started

It all started with a trip to Chiapas, Mexico. We met many small, family coffee growers whose remote location and difficult terrain make bringing their beans to market difficult.

We experienced first hand the hurdles these rural coffee farmers face. On our visit we were required to ride horses up a muddy hill to access the remote location of the coffee bean fields.

The Origin Of The Name

The 70 year old visionary of the trip, Bill Gaines, was thrown off his horse. We would later regret the good natured “ribbing” we gave Bill about his equestrian skills, as he would be hospitalized for 10 days with six broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and heart issues.

Broken Rib Coffee was born.

Our Cause

Baja Bound

Building Homes for the working poor for over 15 years, over 300 families have been moved from dirt floors to a solid home.

Baja Ed

Started from Baja Bound, BajaEd works in Mexico to keep students in school by providing scholarships.

Casa Hogar Alegre

Home to over 90 children, this orphanage serves kids from infant to 18, providing a solid home, education and strong future!

A Message From Our Team

John Rose

Founder & Director, Baja Bound

“As you enjoy this coffee, know that many families are being impacted by participation in Broken Rib Coffee”

Benjamin Gaines

Co-founder of BajaEd, Board member of Broken Rib Coffee

"Broken Rib is disrupting the coffee industry by giving back to those in need... and I am here for it."

Chris Wood

President of the Board at Broken Rib Coffee

"Each bag makes a profound difference in the lives of countless people accross the globe. Priceless."

Bill Gaines

President of BajaEd

"BajaEd is on a mission to break the cycle of poverty by providing education opportunities to children in need. Consider buying Broken Rib Coffee to continue to bring hope to these children’s future."

Becca Walker


"As I sip Broken Rib Coffee in my safe and comfortable home, it tastes better knowing that I’m helping other families achieve the same.”

David Palazuelos

Director of Coffee

“As you enjoy this coffee, know that many families are being impacted by participation in Broken Rib Coffee”

This Coffee Makes An Impact

The reach of broken rib is just getting started! Only 6 months into our business and over 90 orphans, 75 farmers, and countless students/families in baja have been impacted.